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What Is The Mirror Stainless Steel Thinner Than Paper?

Apr. 28, 2018

A piece of paper is usually 0.08mm, but super mirror stainless steel decorative that is thinner than paper is only 0.05mm! Do not look thin, it is not as soft as paper! Because 0.5mm mirror stainless steel is usually hard material! Material We recommend using 304TA material.

Super mirror color stainless steel has good strength, strong gloss, corrosion resistance, wear and so on! There are many different uses. Different thicknesses have different uses. For example: 0.5mm mirror stainless steel is used as mobile phone logo material, while 0.1mm can be used as light guide material, 0.2-0.6mm can be used as building decoration materials. Or car trim strip material.

Super Mirror Color Stainless Steel

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