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Talk About The Use Of Colored Stainless Steel

Mar. 14, 2018

Stainless steel can be seen everywhere in life, stainless steel seems to have become an integral part of our daily lives. Today we will briefly introduce the use of stainless steel.

First, it is the application of building materials.

Color stainless steel, such as gold stainless steel decorative sheet,e is suitable for roofs, interior and exterior decoration, elevator interior decoration, door panels and hinges and other building materials, which provides a rich and colorful urban construction content.

Second, it is the applications in printing design and decoration, works of art.

Color stainless steel with colorful, long-term ultraviolet light, so it does not fade, and it is corrosion resistance, etc., of course, it has artistic value. Through the use of stainless steel surface treatment technology, art images or patterns can be clearly surfaced in the stainless steel products. Through the use of etching technology to deal with the surface of the workpiece, it is able to get three-dimensional color stainless steel products.

Third, it is application in solar energy absorption device.

In recent years, more and more stainless steel solar water heaters appear on the roof of the home.

Because of its metallic luster, general stainless steel will reflect off 60% of the solar energy. Among the colored elements, the black endothermic performance is the best, so we can plate the stainless steel plate into black titanium, so that it can absorb more than 90% of the sun light, which has the superior choice of endothermic characteristics, and also can play a major role of the solar water heater. Black color decorative stainless steel sheet may be our choice.

black color decorative stainless steel sheet

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