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What are the advantages of fingerprintless stainless steel decorative sheet?

Feb. 24, 2018

1. The appearance with strong texture. The fingerprintless stainless steel decorative sheet has the characteristics of moist and bright, and retains a good metal texture.

2. Touch to enhance. Fingerprint film changes the stainless steel itself cold, stiff features, let it become soft and delicate hand feeling, feel warm yet elegant.

3. Easy to clean the surface stains. Fingerprint-treated stainless steel plate, the board is easy to clean, do not need to use metal cleaning agent (to avoid board blackening), and not easy sticky handprints, dust, feel fine, better fingerprint and anti-pollution effect.

4. The stainless steel decorative sheet is not scratched easily. Fingerprint can form a dense layer of stainless steel surface, with high hardness, to resist the general scratching damage from the outside world.

5. Enhance the rust resistance of stainless steel. Fingerprint film can effectively block the erosion of the outside world, avoid oxidation of stainless steel, stainless steel life will be extended.

stainless steel decorative sheet

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