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Special Lighting Mirror Stainless Steel

May. 04, 2018

When in decorating, will you be distressed by choosing lighting material? Lighting materials are acrylic, aluminum, crystal, glass, and etc., and in the past two years, super mirror stainless steel color decorative has become more and more widely used, color stainless steel has also been applied into the lighting!

What is super mirror stainless steel? The super mirror stainless steel is polished on the surface of the stainless steel plate with the polishing liquid through the polishing equipment so that the surface brightness of the plate is as clear as a mirror! The lighting is equipped with mirror stainless steel with high reflectivity, the shape is smooth and bright, and it is the first choice of contemporary European and American style lamps.

The use of gold stainless steel embossed decorative over a large area has the advantages of softness, elegance and smoothness. The new type of mirror stainless steel can greatly increase the added value of the product and has obvious market competitive advantages.

Super Mirror Stainless Steel Color Decorative

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