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4 types of overload protective devices.

Sep. 14, 2017

As an elevator rope anchorage manufacturer, here I will tell you four types of overload protective devices.

elevator rope anchorage

Mechanical devices achieve overload protection with a mechanical switch, which is connected to the hoisting mechanism. For example, when the overload exerts excessive force on the hoist’s rope anchorage, it causes a spring within the device to collapse, thus flipping the switch and disabling the hoist.

Electric overload protection devices, similarly, sense how much current is drawn by the motor and disengage the hoist when the current draw indicates excessive force.

Electrical/mechanical device combine a strongback with a monitoring sensor that adjusts voltage based on the amount of deflection that occurs.

Chain hoist overload protective devices act like a car in neutral. These devices utilize a slip clutch mechanism: when overload is detected, the slip clutch continues to turn without lifting the load.

It’s important to note that all fourtypes of overload protective devices need to be maintained and checked on a regular basis if they are to perform reliably in detecting overloads and preventing dangerous beyond-capacity lifts.

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