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The following days of Chinese New Year

Feb. 13, 2018

1. Visting Friends and Relatives

A special way for people to express good wishes to each other and an important activity during the festival is to visit their friends and relatives. In ancient times younger people had to salute the elderly by kowtowing; today they salute them by offering good wishes. In response, the older generation gives them money wrapped in red paper.

Generally speaking, people drop in at relatives and friends' houses, greeting one another with 'Happy New Year'. This custom has not changed. In some rural places, where families have many relatives, this activity lasts for several days. It is impolite to visit someone without a gift. Therefore, special local products, fruits, desserts, wines and other small gifts should be taken when you visit others.

Although busy people choose to send greetings by telephone or e-mail, the old tradition of paying visits is still popular.

2. Temple Fairs

Temple fair is another old practice in festival traditions, especially in Beijing. Although they originally were a form of worship connected with temples, now they are more like carnivals and are sometimes held in parks. Traditional cultural performances such as playing diabolo, traditional magic, puppet shows and so on can be seen. Besides, people can buy all kinds of daily using things at very low prices.

During and after the festival, Beijing has temple fairs almost every day in different places such as Wangfujing, Altar of the Earth and Longtan Park.

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