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Stainless steel mirror has become a trend in elevator decoration industry

Nov. 06, 2017

Social progress brings us not only the rich economy, but also the improvement of aesthetic. Now in the large shopping malls, hotels and other public places, we can clearly see the color of the elevator is no longer single. Some plates of the lift seem like mirror, and some plates have decorative patterns, which gives a person a kind of beautiful visual experience.

The manufacture principle of mirror stainless steel plate is using grinding fluid to make the stainless steel plate raw materials surface polished by equipment so that making stainless steel plate surface be more smooth, and its brightness can be as clear as a mirror.

gold stainless steel mirror

As a stainless steel mirror manufacturer, we will provide etching patterns on the mirror stainless steel plate, in order to get all kinds of mirror stainless steel plate. And we can also be processed into colored mirror stainless steel plate, such as gold stainless steel mirror. Looking forward to your purchase!

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