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Do You Know Stainless Steel Mirror Sheet Coloring Method?

May. 25, 2018

The primary colors of stainless steel must have been known to everyone. It is bland and unpleasant that people are not happy. After changing their colors and having rich colors, people are not always happy about stainless steel mirror sheet. So, what are the processes that make stainless steel change its appearance?

1, chemical oxidation coloring method:

In a particular solution, the color of the film formed by chemical oxidation includes the dichromate method, the mixed sodium salt method, the sulfurization method, the acid oxidation method, and the alkaline oxidation method. In general, the INCO method is used more often. However, in order to ensure that the color of a batch of products is consistent, the reference electrode must be used for control.

2, electrochemical oxidation coloring method:

In a specific solution, the color of the protective film is formed by electrochemical oxidation. Electrochemical coloring has good color controllability, wide time range and shortened; good reproducibility of color; small influence on the surface condition of stainless steel; low processing temperature, some processes can be carried out at room temperature, improving work environment, fluctuation of solution components Small; solution content is low, so the degree of pollution is lighter; with pulsed current coloring, solution life is longer than the chemical method.

Stainless Steel Mirror Sheet

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