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What should you pay attention when taking the escalator?

Dec. 12, 2017

1. Through the entrances and exits quickly, do not stay.

2. Standing in the middle of the steps.

3. Children who riding escalators, moving walkways should be adult guardianship.

4. It is not allowed to use pushchair, shopping trolley, luggage trolley on escalator as this will cause danger.

5. Non-dedicated strollers and trolleys should not take the escalator.

6. It is forbidden to extend the head and limbs beyond the handrail device.

7. Do not ride barefoot or squat on an escalator. The board of escalator on the moving walkway is easy to hurt the feet and buttocks.

8. It is forbidden to walk and run in the opposite direction on escalators and moving walkways.

9. You can not pull the handrail back in the opposite direction along the handrail.

10. Can not carry long or bulky items on escalator ride.

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